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Have a look to this marvellous "Sandart" by Ilana Yahav 

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    ●  Studies: Mathematics, Electronic engineer

    ●  Acting school in Paris and New York

    ●  Guitarist of Nancy Holloway

    ●  School of folk music in Chicago

    ●  Mercury records, France: 1 LP and several singles, as a singer and composer

    ●  Author, composer : for famous singers as Ben Cramer (Netherlands),  

Mary Hopkin

(England), Pascal Danel, Françoise Hardy, Gilles Marchal (France)

    ●  I've created in Paris, France, the famous recording studio CBE

    ●  Producer of Gilles Marchal and Martine Habib, with 7 hits

    ●  I sell CBE, and take a few years to learn several singing methods (Werbeck), the art of teach, different healing methods (Philippines-Agpaoa), and meet Gitta Mallasz, ........

    ●  I create my new  "Home studio", produce the french singer Fabienne Guyon, a lot of jingles for publicity, radio stations like the famous Skyrock( bandes annonces ) and composed a music, "In our life", which has been the main music of the french "Telecom" during ten years (find it, with 11 other musics at CD Baby )

    ●  1988: Sound producer and casting director for the famous TV show at Canal +, the" Guignols of the news" (like the english "Spitting images"), in my new recording studio, till 1994

    ●  1998 .....: I work with Bertrand Burgalat for a TV musical comedy produced by Canal +, and then, for several years at the Funambule, in Nyon, Switzerland, where I've created different shows and did vocal coach

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